We start our story…

In Geneva. A highly remote area outside of Orlando, FL, where turkeys (not the thanksgiving kind) roam the streets, deer get chased by my dogs, bald eagles annoy my ears at hours too early in the morning, and my neighbor has water buffalo that frequently break the fence. Yes, it’s the boonies. I don’t mind it, though. I did when my parents moved me from the suburbs at the start of my teenage years and I had no car and was being forced into a specialized magnet school instead of standard public high school. Alas, it has helped shape the person I’ve become today, a person I strayed from for a good many years and it took me months of trudging through crap (or crappy people) to see the error of my ways.

Well, that, and I was enlightened to a new philosophy on how to view life by one of my favorite public speakers and it has completely changed everything for me.

Nothing in life is a coincidence.

Which is so true! Once you start to see it objectively it will blow your mind.

So. As this is a diary of sorts and an insight on myself I figure I can write about where my life stands at this moment. I, currently, have very few friends I see on an every day basis. It’s not for lack of knowing people because I know plenty. It’s for the simple reason that I don’t have fun doing what they do and believe it to be an incredible waste of money (and time.) Hopefully if they ever decide to read this they won’t be offended but they should already know this so que sera. What will be, will be. Anyway. I am a college girl. I live at home with my parents (they’re basically my best friends) and find more fun in doing that than I do going to endless amounts of different places in a week to do things that include any and every activity with a slight variation to the title by adding the word “beer.” Not that I’m against drinking, I just think it becomes pointless when you do it every day of the week. That’s like eating a birthday cake every day of the year and wondering why your birthday doesn’t feel special, you know?

I have a handful of wonderful people I hang out with sparingly but this goes to not having money and our lives don’t add up but one day a week most of the time, so it’s okay with me. It forces me to be productive with school work! (No coincidences.) One of my goals is to start making friends which should be decently easy since I’m in college and planning to get involved with some fun groups once it starts up again in the fall! I’m really excited about it and I think it’ll be great. The plan for the summer, though I’ll have some school, is to dedicate to seeing that handful of people as frequently (and inexpensively!!) as possible, since they’re so great. Hopefully this happens. It’s a plan. I developed a habit due to an awful ex-boyfriend of telling people we would hang out and then conveniently not being able to be contacted when the time came and I’m determined to break that habit.

Determined to live my life more like Forrest Gump.

Forrst Gump

Taking direction and keeping my promises to everyone. People don’t live their lives that way anymore, so I’m bringing it back. It’s cool to keep your promises, people. Maybe this will make the divorce rates go down? Lets hope 😉

As this blog is a way to improve my life from my never ending list of ways to do so, today I shall add:

  • Keep your word and hangout with the people you plan to!
  • Make new friends and strengthen the bonds you already have.
  • Create the perfect pulled pork sandwich

No need to do that last one, I accomplished it for dinner! Hah!! 😉 One day I’ll take you along into my quest to make the perfect home made cake. Four attempts so far…and 3 and a half failures. We’ll get it! I am determined.

(and keeping my word 😉 )


Now lets hope I keep this thing updated.


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