Every minute.

Yesterday I had a breakfast/lunch (I hate the word brunch) date with my friend Sean and we got into an interesting conversation about how too many people are living their lives these days. They are so caught up in the “where am I going?” “what will this lead me to?” “how is this contributing to my future?” that they don’t pause to enjoy life for what it is. I’ll say it flat out: I am not one of those people. I frequently think about the small things in life I enjoy, particularly when I have the window open in my car (God, I miss my sunroof so bad!) and the wonderful Florida sun warms up the left side of my body or when my once small runt-of-the-litter kitty, now fat ever growing in the belly kitty, snuggles up to me early every morning.

I must agree with what Sean was saying, though. People are too caught up in their futures and they don’t enjoy life. Maybe that saying “Don’t let life pass you by” stuck with me when I was younger, who knows. I would say it’s something I learned from my parents to a certain extent, they’ve always emphasized for my brother and I to do what makes us happy and supported it (unless it was expensive, we weren’t very well off) but they also emphasized the importance of thinking about your future. The difference is, I think my brother and I are on the separate paths of thinking, him with the career and focusing on the future, me with the living life day by day thing, and we frequently have conflict over how he views my life. He sees it as a lazy time, wasting away, but I just don’t think he knows me well enough. That and I know how to stop and enjoy the roses every once and awhile and refuse to dwell on things to keep myself miserable. Poor brother of mine. I hope he stops to smell the roses, or he might have a heart attack. It’s sad to think how many people there are in the world who have taken that so far that they think everything must be about their careers or what they earn in life and let happiness slip away from themselves. I won’t lie, I did the same thing. I have been in relationships with guys where I was so consumed with giving them everything I had to give and making sure their every need was met that I lost my own happiness and became a shell of a girl until I realized I wasn’t happy.

Not being a parent I can’t say if this is true, but I think when someone has kids this mind set starts to be developed more and more as you watch them grow. Parents always say that their kids grow up too fast and that they will always see them as children, so maybe that shows it? Who knows. I hope so. Nobody should be so obsessed with the material things in life.

This is why, as a result of this conversation with my darling friend Sean and my mission to improve my own life, I have started agreeing to go out when asked. As stated in my last post, no I won’t go out to drinking extravaganza’s, but when I’m asked out to eat or to meet up or to hang, of course I’ll be obliged to. Am I still poor and unemployed? Of course! Nobody wants to hire a girl that’s still in college and has only 3 years of retail experience under her belt. How odd, right? However, it’s still possible to eat a quick meal at home and get something cheap or nothing at all while enjoying the company of others. It’s about living life in the moment, right? So why not enjoy those people you love with the moments you’ve got.

That and to add to my list:

  • I solemnly swear that I will become the Queen of the game Hearts. The Queen!

I’m bringing back card games, everyone! They’re too fun and convenient to not know how to play.


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