Lazy week commences.

I was planning on trying to be productive this week but the only thing I can think to do is homework for my medical coding school. I don’t really want to do homework since I’ll have a semester beginning on Monday. I have decided that this week is lazy week! Not a big deal for me, I’m generally at a loss for things to do with having no job and online school most of the time. Maybe I should organize my room and document that process šŸ˜‰

Alabama was fun! I loved seeing my cousin and her daughter. I’m glad she found a great guy to get married to, she’s been through a lot in her life. It’s definitely a cute place, I wouldn’t mind living in the little town called Fairhope. It was a picture perfect small town with a plethora of pecan trees everywhere. I couldn’t believe the amount of pecan trees that they had! Spring was blossoming everywhere, it was gorgeous. I need to get better about taking photos. I went from not caring at all about taking them and I’d do it any time anywhere and now I feel strange taking them sometimes. It’s a weird feeling…I hope my class this summer gets rid of that. I didn’t get nearly enough pictures of Alabama, I really wanted to take some of the pecan groves but it’s kind of hard when they’re on the side of a busy road. Or in someone’s yard…

Nikki & Jimmy

It definitely makes me want to live in a place with more personality than Orlando. The towns we were in and around while in Alabama had so many stores that weren’t chains! It was so beyond my understanding to see non chains for regular grocery stores, drug stores, food, everything. We have non chain restaurants in Orlando but other than that it’s pretty set in its ways, which is kind of underwhelming. I do love Disney though. Good lord, do I love Disney. If I could go every day I would. However…I would love to live in a place that just oozes history from everywhere you look. Charleston or Savannah…I’d die happy living there! There are some talks of moving to Nashville with my best friend but those are just talks, as always. We’ll see where life leads.

Operation eating healthy is victorious today (so far)! I haven’t eaten anything awful, though I’m tempted to munch on things which I’m still trying to find if it’s boredom or hunger since I am starting to get a headache. I’ve determined no fried foods for an entire month. The whole month of may (excluding my birthday!) shall be clean eating with nothing deep fried. Blech! I ate enough deep fried treats this weekend in Alabama to satisfy a lifetime! I’m also doing an experiment I’ve seen on many healthy eating blogs of eating veggies as the main meal course instead of meat. Not that i don’t like meat, because I’m a carnivore through my every being but I know I need more vegetables.

Also, I mentioned it in another entry but I ordered my bike trainer last night!!! šŸ™‚

CycleOps Trainer

Isn’t it just delicious!?! I’ll take pictures of the set up. After the room clean! Hah! If you could only see my desk right now. I’ll probably tidy it up a bit before I take pictures šŸ˜‰ You have no idea how excited I am about having an exercise avenue again. I’ve been out of physical therapy and bored out of my mind, tried running and failed miserably because my foot can’t take the impact, can’t do my 30-day-shred because there’s too much impact on my foot in there and I’m stuck doing air punches for wayyyy too long and my arms end up dying. It’ll be awesome, I can’t wait!

I’ve been thinking about doing accounting as a minor…I don’t know if this is wise. I flirted with the idea of being a journalist but keeping up with politics and the news on my own is exhausting enough, I can’t imagine living that life. Ā I’ll defend my beliefs to the death but I don’t think I could write about it day after day so kudos to all the journalists of the world! šŸ˜‰

List for the day:

  • No fried foods for a month!
  • Take in less sugar (cut back on the sweet tea!?! oh what an awful idea..)
  • Get my room cleaned up šŸ˜‰
  • Eat healthy!

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