Brownie success! Parsnip Fail :(

So today was a big fat success in the realm of eating healthy! Yesterday I did alright except for a snickers bar I discovered in the fridge and promptly ate without being hungry.

Normally when this happens I think “I shouldn’t be eating this!” and proceed to feel guilt afterwards. This time I didn’t! I think I knew it was my last hurrah with unhealthy food and enjoyed it.

I started today the healthiest way possible. Checking my iPhone. HAH! Seriously, I did. Laying in bed without my glasses on my face I scrolled through the updates of twitter and facebook, loaded my e-mail and then got up. I decided to make a tasty green shake ala Oh She Glows today 🙂

Green Monster

Yummm! I’ve turned so many people onto drinking these things, I love them. Mine are usually a banana, a raw egg (for staying power), 2 handfuls of spinach, and milk ’til it’s the consistency I like. It takes a few times making it to figure out just the right amount of things that you like. It tastes just like bananas! It’s such a great way to get veggies in in the morning and it keeps you energized all day. Plus it’s great for your skin!

chug chug chug!

Tasty stuff! So in keeping with lazy week I did not do anything productive today. Okay, I sort of did. In a very small way. That probably isn’t really productivity but me having a craving for chocolate but never the less… 😉 I did do more than sit around! I decided today to attempt making black bean brownies!

I tweaked the recipe a tad and added baking powder to give them some cakeyness (totally a word! ;)) and a 1/4 tsp more of vanilla. I had to make sure it hid that black bean flavor, I am sooo not a bean girl. I cannot stand hummus because it tastes to me like refried beans and all other beans I have never given a shot. So I figured in my first flirt with the new species of food, I’d hide them.

And I hid them well.


The texture is definitely different from regular flour and butter brownies and I think if you make the decision to exclude the instant coffee, they’d be a lot more passable as regular thick brownies. The instant coffee added a little bitterness to them but I’m not sure if leaving them out would leave the bean flavor. Over all, though, they are a success! They’re almost velvet meets fudge.


I definitely enjoyed them! I’ll make them again for sure, they’re a fun and tasty alternative for me and I have a big fat huge mouth full of sweet teeth.

Dinner, on the other hand. I had seen parsnip fries on the Oh She Glows blog a week or two ago and really wanted to try them. So much so that I insisted that my Mama bring home parsnips so that I could make healthy “fries” to go with our (healthy, I know) burgers. I sliced them up (after almost smashing our mandolin! stupid machine. It has chopped off a finger tip and still refuses to work right!) and slathered them as directed, baked them, and took em out. The thinner failed mandolin “french fry” cuts were burned. The nut butter mix wasn’t crusted on like the pictures showed. They tasted a little dry because of the butters and I’m assuming because they weren’t cooked all the way, since they weren’t that crunchy.

I might try making them again but I am slightly disheartened. Hopefully my next foray into root veggies is a success! For parsnips next I’m making smashed parsnips (Ala Mrs. Weasley in Harry Potter, thank you for the idea). That’ll be later this weekend probably. Tomorrow I might try my hand at zucchini cakes! mmm! I’ll definitely bring y’all along for that one. I have high hopes!

The rest of my “lazy day” was spent eating a tomato sandwich. Again. Whilst reading Harry Potter! I finish book 6 tonight and will glide my way right through book 7 as I’m eager to start my summer series of Amelia Peabody books. If you love humor and mystery, such as Sherlock Holmes, you’ll definitely love her. She’s a strong and fiercely independent woman with a husband who loves not being able to control her wily ways, it is glorious!

I also spent it checking’s track package feature to see where my trainer is. Damn you, Jacksonville!!

trainer trackingLets pray I get it tomorrow! 😉

My lazy week is quickly coming to an end. I can only hope my school books are available for order soon. And with that, my darlings, I leave you with my girl Ginny. 🙂

Gin Bin!


12 thoughts on “Brownie success! Parsnip Fail :(

    • Thanks 😀

      They are definitely tasty! The texture is a little crumbly but I’d say leave out the instant coffee, it adds a weird bitterness to it 🙂 They’re worth a try for sure.

  1. I love love love Green Monsters! I never thought to put a raw egg in one! I am going to have to try it. I can relate wit the guilty eating…I am glad you enjoyed the snickers! otherwise what’s the sense? I tell myself that all too often.

    • You should! It gives it a nice smooth texture and helps it last longer. 🙂 I was always starving like an hour after I had one so I decided to add that.

      I agree with you! You have to enjoy it when you’re “bad” although…I always use that as an excuse and eat awful when I’m at a restaurant. tsk!

    • I have so many cats at my house that they end up everywhere! I have one that is obsessed with laying on my clean clothes. Another loves my laptop, lol.

      and you should! They’re a great alternative. a little weird to get used to but worth it! 🙂

  2. I’ve been thinking about trying out Green Monsters for a really long time but haven’t taken the plunge yet. I feel like the spinach would give it a texture? What kind of blender do you use? 🙂

    • They are so good! And they’ll add a little texture if you don’t mix it all the way, sometimes little pieces will get stuck in your teeth, but like the consistency you’ll get used to mixing it. 🙂 but it’s really just the consistency of any smoothie. and it just tastes like bananas!

      My blender is cuisinart and to make sure I don’t get chunks of bananas in the smoothie I’ll just put it at the bottom with the blades. works like a charm! 🙂

    • I felt the same way, Sara. I was pretty hesitant to try them. But Diana got me into them, and now I want to recommend them to everyone. Don’t let the Spinach scare you. All you taste is the banana!

  3. Omg those brownies look amaaaazing! I also love your idea of getting in all your veggies in the morning by downing one of those green shakes. Is it weird that I think it looks completely delectable? Anyhoo, I just bookmarked the brownie recipe — can’t wait to bake some of my own!

    P.S. You’d look FAB in a fedora! I think your glasses would make the look even cuter. I, for one, am a big fan of the glasses you rock. 🙂

    • No way, it’s awesome that it looks so good!! It’s so refreshing, too. I expected it to taste like steamed spinach and it’s just yummy! Definitely try it 🙂 The brownies too! 🙂

      and Aw! Thank you! 🙂 I’ll definitely post a picture in it so you can see 😉 and I love that you love my glasses! I wore thick black frames for forever and am in love with these 😀

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