Mechanically minded? Pffft!

So yesterday I got that bike trainer I’ve been rambling about for a few entries. I could not put that thing together for the life of me! At one point I gave up and plopped on my bed and piled blankets on myself (complete with cat on top). She was frustrated, too! What with me disturbing her slumbery ways of blobbing about my room and flinging cardboard everywhere. I am not mechanically minded. As much as I would love to be, I fail to comprehend that aspect of anything. Stick me with every other thing in the world and I’m golden.


Woohoo! Also don't mind the mess...or the fact that a 23 year old has that poster on the wall.

Needless to say my lovely parents helped me and I now have a wonderful bike trainer 😀 at the foot of my bed. kind of obscuring the rest of my room so I may move it…but I have one!! Very exciting! 🙂

I haven’t used it yet. It scares TJ.

Yesterday was spent hanging out with Sean!


His mouth was full and I caught him mid chew. Woops!

And pining over the always delicious and delectable Robert Downey Jr. *queue swoon*

Oh, what that man does to me. I could just die. That and I’m a total comic nerd, particularly for The Ultimates in which Tony Stark plays a major role and RDJ fits the bill completely.

Last night I also prepped the makings for my famous pulled pork that my papa has been begging me to make. Which consists of pork shoulder (half a picnic) or boston butt shoved into a slow cooker and an entire 2 liter of mug root beer poured over it. Set to low. Cook for a day. In about 2 hours the next portion will come where I have to shred it with forks and plop it back into the drained cooker until dinner time along with a bottle of BBQ sauce. But shhhh! I can’t tell him how easy it is 😉

Next on my list of treats to remake is Nigella Lawson’s Traditional Chocolate Cake. Mmm! She’s the cutest person alive, I must say. I could watch her cook for days. Or move in with her and have her make me huge and fat, I don’t care! Once I get everything I need together for that one, expect a luscious chocolate cake to appear on this here blog. 🙂

Oh yeah, my mom got her chickens this morning. We’re so country.

I didn't hold them. I was scared they would poop on me.

It’s true. The box they came out of, blech! Poop everywhere. Not very nice. I think it was worse holding that box than it is when I have to clean the litter boxes for my cats. No thank you! Speaking of cats, I am having quite the flea issue with my little ones. My cats are indoor and the other cats in the house are outdoor, but somehow my cats are the ones that are winding up with fleas? It’s driving me mad! I’ve cleaned everything and combed them mercilessly while waiting for the treatment to get here and I am not making a dent. Any tips?? I am literally willing to to try anything!

I have also been pondering lately about what I should be doing with my future. I love history in every form it takes. I’d love nothing more than to have a job where I dealt with history all day but I must be realistic. In fact, typing that makes me want to stop what I’m writing because it’s unfair of me to make myself do something I don’t want. I want my profession to involve history. I want to be a teacher of it, I want to work in a museum and become an authority of it. I’ve altered the path many times and I always come back to History. So… never mind what I was going to say here instead, darlings. 😉

I promised all of you more recipes and I will be sure to actually start documenting the things I cook!

A Bugs Life


I have a wonderful garden full of vegetables (and an astronomical amount of blueberries!) that will be ripe for the picking soon enough and I shall attempt delicious treats with them all. And probably fail a few times. But hey, that’s what makes cooking fun, right? 😉

Blueberry Plants

Blueberries for miles!

I still have to perfect a blueberry pancake recipe. Pancakes and I do not get along.


5 thoughts on “Mechanically minded? Pffft!

    • It’s coming along quite nice! One of our neighbors has one that is the picture perfect garden, my mom and I are so jealous, lol.

      & My mom found them for like .10 a piece (tiny little starter plants) on craigslist, so she ordered 300 of them. There are about 150 in the picture I posted and another 100 out in the front of our house. 🙂 She wants to sell them when the plants are bigger.

  1. Hey Diana,

    I like your blog. I think what you’re doing is great! I’m totally envious of our bike trainer (I’ve always wanted one) and your black bean brownies. I’ve always wanted to attempt and you might have just given me the final push. I’m still setting up my blog and blogroll. I’d love to add you if that’s ok once I set it up- hopefully today! 🙂

    • Go ahead, I’ll add yours to mine as well! 😀

      Bike trainers are definitely worth it, except for the noise! Make sure you have a non treaded tire, otherwise it sounds like a bunch of bees are attacking 😉

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