I feel like it’s important for me to say this. I know I say I need to update this blog on a regular basis and that I will update more often. My thing is, I feel like I only have boring things to update about! It gets extremely frustrating. I think I need to set some personal goals that I can blog about. I already have a path carved out for the future with careers and school but I have none that are attainable for right now. One of my best friends over at Ant Andy Antertainment has been losing weight like crazy and it’s mostly (I’m not sure if it is all, that would be quite a statement) on things I have taught him and advice I’ve given him about eating correctly and exercising. So I have the tools to do the things I want…I just lack motivation for it.

I’m extremely frustrated with the fact that I cannot do anything impacting on my feet because of my car accident.  I cannot expect my body to bounce back so quickly after a few months but it gets really annoying! I was exercising with Sean (one of my best friends and my current trainer!), Kevin (another best friend), and Alex (another best friend, as well as Kevin’s girlfriend) and I couldn’t even jump rope without being in agony, or do jumping jacks. This on top of the fact that one of my life goals is to run a marathon and to actually be a runner, I hate being halted. It’s irking. And I’m bitching, woops!! I really don’t mean to, it’s just a frustration I have to get out. I also feel like I’m using it as an excuse to not be as healthy as I know I can be. I eat overall a pretty healthy diet but I know I slip into bad habits more often than not which I need to alter into good habits.

I did try to give up bread for a week after asking Sean for a challenge but failed that miserably after a 4 hour canoe adventure.

Which I am definitely going to tell y’all about!!  (Plus I have a video I’m going to put together of the clips I took of the fun but that’s for another entry!)

The plan was for us to substitute a canoe adventure for one of our workouts in the middle of the week. You can rent a canoe for $10 a person and have it all day, and we were going to rent it and canoe up to Wekiva Springs where you can swim around and cool off and eat, then paddle back down to the car. We were pretty pumped!!

Oh yes, I’m using past tense.

We were pumped. We were paddling our brains out up that river and having fun! Then we kept going. And going. And going. Pretty soon we were 2 hours away and wondering where the heck these springs were? We asked another couple that was out canoeing but they seemed irritated by us so we just gave up asking. Eventually a boat came by and told us we were in the complete wrong direction! Yowza!!! Morale was low, friends.

Jurassic Park similarities?! We were on the alert.

We did not pack or prepare for a journey like that. We had a few bottles of water, some carrot cake I had made and brought the boys each one piece of, and Sean had brought some pork. It was hot. The sun was scorching in the way only a southern sun can, and we had 2+ hours to go to get back to land.

My sweaty, pouty face when I realized we were 2 hours in the wrong direction.

And little gator sounds were everywhere. Eep!! That’s the thing about Florida, our fresh water areas are pretty much guaranteed to have gators in them. Granted, the actual attacks aren’t often but still, it makes you think before you go gallivanting around in a swimmin hole.

Eventually we got to the point where we were seeing more people with canoes and kayaks and were relieved, everything looked very different on the way back.

The Springs!

I cannot even begin to say how exhausting that trip was. We pulled through though, with minimum complaint! We drove about 1 and a 1/2 minutes up the road and went to the springs, jumped in the amazingly fresh and cool water, then hopped out and decided to eat at golden corral. Where I stuffed myself with potatoes, chicken, and corn bread.

Kevin was freezing!

It was a really fun adventure, despite the sunburn! I’ve been wanting to go canoeing for years and really hope we plan another trip where we actually go the right direction and follow the original plan because it’s a fun way to work out your shoulders/arms.  Another plan is to go to the ice skating rink! Hooray, fun!

Check that sweet and weird patterned sunburn!

So I think I’m going to make it a goal of mine to get on my bike trainer every day. Right now I get on it every couple of days but perhaps if I got on it every day I wouldn’t feel like I’m so stagnant in my “getting healthy” routine. Any suggestions for no impact exercise?


One thought on “Lazy?

  1. Aww! I’m so sorry you can’t run! I would definitely taking the route you’re taking right now and am super proud that you’re looking for a way to better yourself. Biking is friggin’ awesome so I’d definitely pursue that but remember that swimming is low impact and incredibly works every muscle in your body. I’d pick swimming as the best form of low impact exercise.

    Work it sister! you’re on the right track!

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