My name is Diana and I’m just an average college student. My passions are teasingly diverse and jump from photography to cooking and books to Audrey Hepburn (be still, my heart!).

I am determined to create a dish that will be my signature and be requested by everyone I know til my dying days, conquer mountains of school work in my quest through college on my way to becoming a teacher of history, get by with no money, figuring out this god forsaken camera I had to have and barely use, reading endless amounts of books, learning as much as I can possibly learn about history, and ticking off things on my ever increasing list of ways to improve my life.

This is my life and I’m learning how to live it. 🙂

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Diana,

    I just tried to leave this comment on your steak post and it wouldn’t let me (it said “Duplicate comment, you’ve already said that.”) So here’s what I wrote:

    Hey Diana,

    Thanks for trying my steak recipe!

    I think your failure to achieve a crust didn’t have anything to do with the seasonings or too much oil in the pan but two possibilities: (1) Did you dry the steak off with paper towels before seasoning it? It should be VERY dry; and (2) Cooking two at a time immediately dropped the temperature of the pan so even if it was very hot, the steaks probably steamed instead of seared. Were the steaks room temperature when you cooked them? They shouldn’t be straight from the fridge for that same reason (dropping the temp of the pan).

    Hope that helps and good luck next time around.

    All the best,

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