Picture update!

So over the last few months of my non updating I have been up to a few things.

Including an AMAZING trip to Las Vegas to see Lady Gaga. We also saw “Love” the Cirque Du Soleil show and it was one of the best things I have ever seen in my life. Not only did it reignite my love for the beatles, but it was so wonderful that I insisted we see it again. The food we ate was so delicious! It was such a great spur of the moment trip, I still cannot believe it happened. I also fell in love completely with one of the performers in the cirque show. Sad that he will never know it! (If you ever see it, the guy with the flowers /swoooooooooooon!!!!)

Covered in streamers from the end of the Love show!

We hit up the Bellagio buffet and check out our dessert haul, hah!

Lady Gaga was one of the most amazing concerts I have seen or will ever see, hands down. It was like a crazy amped up theatrical performance, I loved it!  She also said how much she loved her fans about 50 times and it made me love her even more.

our VIP tickets were so great! 🙂

We also ate at the most A-MAZING burger place I have ever tasted called BLT Burger. Omg. If you are in vegas, go to the mirage and eat there. The burgers are to die for, as are the milkshakes and the sweet potato fries. Nothing was bad! Oh my. We ate there twice!

Such an amazing trip! Though we didn’t win big at all, which was upsetting. 😦


We did see a guy walk right into a fountain and start stealing change….we named him Water Coins. Hah!


Since then there has been a lot of fantasy football (my team BLOWS), lots of sleeping over at Kevin and Alex’s house, and lots and lots and lots and lots of homework. Planning to go to a great grad school I’m super focused on my grades so I’ve got lots of work to do always. Sadly this makes for not a lot of cooking time 😦


I’ve also taken to absolutely hating my face-greased iphone 3G because it is the SLOWEST most awful phone ever. It keeps freezing and not loading anything about 50% of the time.


I may just smash it.


I’ve taken to using my amazing Love blanket I got in Vegas. 🙂 I couldn’t decide what to get at the store but decided on a throw at the last minute because I’m perpetually freezing.


The same BFF of mine that got me the awesome lady gaga seats also got me a ticket to a great Rays/Angels game. 🙂 He’s pretty freakin fantastic 🙂 And he’s supposed to be here at the end of the month! I’m so excited!! I hope he has fun here in the O, we have plans for Universal and lots of movie watching!


The family next to me left when the Rays were down in the 6th.

Ahaha, my mouth looks crazy! I love it!

My moms chickens are also starting to lay eggs! Our fridge is filling up! She’s super excited. She actually just got 10 more chicks that lay fancy eggs. By fancy I mean they are dark chocolate brown eggs and sell for some serious $$.


Since a few months ago when I started using our cast iron pan to start seasoning it my Dad took an interest in it. Then when I made my restaurant steak he got REALLY interested in it and wanted to get some more pans. He took a trip with my mom up to North Carolina a weekend or two ago and they had a mission to find used cast iron pans at a flea market. They ended up finding quite a few and brought 3 back home in different sizes. Super exciting! They learned a lot about which ones are the best to get and which are the oldest American made ones and also how to tell if they weren’t made in America.

He’s really excited that one of the pans, which was really rusty, needed to be scrubbed and seasoned so he did that tonight.


The boys were really interested because of the...

Lard! Yum.


Phew! I think I covered mostly everything. If not, c’est la vie. 🙂 It’s great to be back, my darlings.


I really am the worst blogger ever.

I started this blog with full intentions of updating it ALL the time. But I’m awful at it!

So this entry will  be bulleted and nice and hopefully return us to our regularly scheduled blogging. 😉 (Don’t mind my cell phone picture updates!)

I would like to start by announcing that I am 100% debt free! Wow! 🙂 Very proud moment for me and I’m so psyched about it. I should be able to complete my undergrad schooling with no debt accrued. Hopefully the same will be true with grad school but we’ll see. That can be quite expensive…eeep!

I had an amazing 4th of July with some of my very best friends!! A few were missing like our friend Jimmy but it was still lots of fun. 🙂

I bought a Macbook Pro and took a trip to Miami with a good friend who was in from Las Vegas. He’s best friends with me and my best friend Sara, who lives there! So him and I ventured down there after I picked him up from the airport. It was super fun! I wish she didn’t have to work so much but it was still worth it.

We ate Primanti Bros! It’s a restaurant that is always and forever on food countdowns that are on TV so we made a point to go. The pizza was to die for and the sandwiches were pretty fantastic. I could definitely go there for pizza alone!

The day we were leaving I cooked them croque-madam with a different recipe. I made a cheese sauce to go on the top layer of bread and used a strong swiss cheese. Sooo worth it! It came out fantastic!

Came home and worked on a project for my Oceanography class. Good thing I live on a lake. 🙂

Returned the Macbook Pro and am now having a vendetta with Apple.

Upgraded to a really amazing lens (24-105mm) on my camera and got a separate flash. I’m in love.

Loved my pets, wore uggs in the dead of summer since I’m always freezing, covered my bike in towels because I’m an exercise slacker, was judged at a distance by my cat, been grossed out by my medical coding book, and came to terms with the fact that my cat has quite a large belly that probably will never get smaller.

Got my electrode machine in the mail and am addicted beyond belief. So much foot pain relief.

For BFF Sara’s birthday I took another trip down to the M-I-A and baked her a chocolate pumpkin cake with cinnamon cream cheese icing. Ate a huge burger with 2 eggs, hashbrowns, and bacon on top. Made a pulled pork and cornbread dinner for the two of us and had a wonderful night with Miss Sara setting off sparklers.

Found out I’m getting an A in Oceanography, very excited!! 🙂 My GPA goes up to 3.64 once the grade goes in. Studying for the GRE in preparation for UNC applications a year from now.

Saw Inception 4 times. I’m in love.

and I am completely obsessed with the new Hanson album.

Check it out. It’s fabulous!

And that concludes the last month of my life. Relatively…:)

Alabama bound…tomorrow!

Tomorrow morning my mom and I are leaving for Alabama for my cousin Nikki’s wedding. It’s on the beach and hopefully will be fun.

I, in the mean time, will be photographing the wedding for her and I’m praying to God that the pictures come out beautiful. I haven’t fiddled with photography in years. A huge guilt that sits in my gut every day. I love photos. I love taking them. I love printing them and plastering my walls with moments. Also, very conceitedly, I love taking pictures of myself. Unsurprisingly, I’ve always been a camera ham. So I sit between a frustration when I take pictures that I also want to be IN the pictures. I’m considering a photo project for this very reason. I have a list in my amazing journal I hand write in that is full of lists of pictures to take. My journal also includes future baby names (queue men running away), things I want to do in life, National parks I want to visit, the never ending list of things that I love, and interspersed journal entries that end up being 10 pages long because I keep everything pent up in my brain.

Hopefully I’ll execute this list of photos this summer while I take a digital photography class!!! I’m really excited. I always mix up the definitions of things when it comes to the fundamentals of photography and I’ll pick it up a lot quicker if I’m in a classroom. That and people will tell me how to use this god forsaken camera I have. I love this camera. I’m just overwhelmed by it. It’s kind of like a white whale for me. Once I conquer it, I shall be the queen! (At least in my brain, that’s how it’ll be.) I’d love to do an internship with a photographer but I’ve looked and had no luck with it. Ah well, maybe another time.

I found a dress that I absolutely love love love to wear to the wedding but my arms look huge in it because (not trying to be a girl here) in my cooking endeavors in the last few months I have used way too much butter and believe me it shows. Plus a friend pointed out the other day that my weight is noticeable (to him) in my arms more than anywhere else. He wasn’t being rude, we were just talking about weight gain and he said it was the only place with me that he could see it. Then yesterday I was taking pictures of me in said dress to show to my best friend in Miami and all I could see was the huge fat marshmallows that were in place of my upper arms. Oh yes, friends, that’s how women see themselves when they think they look fat. Think those huge sumo suits that people wear for fun. So don’t tell us we’re crazy!

August Car Accident

I am making an effort to eat healthier, I have to. My only problem is that due to a car  accident (seen above!) last august, my right leg/foot is extremely retarded and still repairing from the foot surgery I had to have so I’m limited on what I can do. Yes, I know there are exercises and I sound like I’m making excuses, but, when you can’t do a jumping jack or even run in place it gets extremely frustrating and boring. I can ride a bike but excessive use of my foot can sometimes cause my tendon (that had to be repaired) to lock up so I don’t want to ride it outside. So for my birthday next month my parents are getting me a trainer for my bike so that I can ride to my little hearts content inside the house and if my tendon is stupid I won’t be stranded out in the world. I’m very excited! I fully plan to use my netflix instant watch queue and ride my little heart out. It should be amazing!

As for today, though…I should be finishing up the last 2 exams that I have to do that are due by tomorrow. I have to do them tonight because I’m driving to Alabama tomorrow. Oyyyy, I hope that drive is better than the one to Atlanta. We shall see! Instead of doing those, I have been sitting for the last few hours since I got home from my history exam (totally rocked it!) and uploading the pictures of my pets off of my iPhone and onto my Flickr. I’m incredibly productive, let me tell you. 😉 Not to mention I took some pain killers to make up for the fact that my legs (and aforementioned foot) are in such pain from going to Disney on Tuesday so I’m just blobbing around.


One of the million pictures from my phone of my girl TJ.

Disney was great!! I went with a good friend of mine, we got in for free because of someone that he knows and did every ride that we wanted to do between the 3 major parks and no waits were longer than 25 minutes! Plus it wasn’t that hot outside at all. It was a perfect Disney day. The only thing that would have made it a million times better is if I were rich and could have bought everything in the little kitchen store in Magic Kingdom. Ohhh, my heart. I loved that store!! I would also have loved to bring some more people, just because I have so much fun when I’m at that park with lots of people. Disney is as amazing to me today as it was when I was a kid and I will always love it. I can’t wait for the day I get to bring my kids there. Sadly for them, I refuse to go on that tea cups ride again. 100% refuse!!

My mom and I are planning to hit up a place in Alabama that was on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. We’re putting Guy Fieri’s show to the test! It should be fun. I always have fun with my mom. Plus this trip should be better than the last one that we took because I won’t end up yelling at then boyfriend over the phone while not being able to be out of earshot of my mom. Not that I care that she heard, I tell her everything anyway, I just was embarrassed. Oh well. We still had a ton of fun at the Georgia Aquarium and the King Tut exhibit! It was super cool. I would have loved to take pictures of the stuff but it was impossible! The aquarium was absolutely gorgeous, though. I would love to go back to it sometime and to check out some of the kick ass restaurants in Atlanta, it’s such a cute city.

Plans from this post!

  • Eat healthier and do more exercise.
  • Make my arms look amazing by doing this!
  • Finish uploading all my animal pictures
  • Take my last 2 final exams
  • Get really excited about the plunge I’m about to take into photography! 🙂