I feel like it’s important for me to say this. I know I say I need to update this blog on a regular basis and that I will update more often. My thing is, I feel like I only have boring things to update about! It gets extremely frustrating. I think I need to set some personal goals that I can blog about. I already have a path carved out for the future with careers and school but I have none that are attainable for right now. One of my best friends over at Ant Andy Antertainment has been losing weight like crazy and it’s mostly (I’m not sure if it is all, that would be quite a statement) on things I have taught him and advice I’ve given him about eating correctly and exercising. So I have the tools to do the things I want…I just lack motivation for it.

I’m extremely frustrated with the fact that I cannot do anything impacting on my feet because of my car accident.  I cannot expect my body to bounce back so quickly after a few months but it gets really annoying! I was exercising with Sean (one of my best friends and my current trainer!), Kevin (another best friend), and Alex (another best friend, as well as Kevin’s girlfriend) and I couldn’t even jump rope without being in agony, or do jumping jacks. This on top of the fact that one of my life goals is to run a marathon and to actually be a runner, I hate being halted. It’s irking. And I’m bitching, woops!! I really don’t mean to, it’s just a frustration I have to get out. I also feel like I’m using it as an excuse to not be as healthy as I know I can be. I eat overall a pretty healthy diet but I know I slip into bad habits more often than not which I need to alter into good habits.

I did try to give up bread for a week after asking Sean for a challenge but failed that miserably after a 4 hour canoe adventure.

Which I am definitely going to tell y’all about!!  (Plus I have a video I’m going to put together of the clips I took of the fun but that’s for another entry!)

The plan was for us to substitute a canoe adventure for one of our workouts in the middle of the week. You can rent a canoe for $10 a person and have it all day, and we were going to rent it and canoe up to Wekiva Springs where you can swim around and cool off and eat, then paddle back down to the car. We were pretty pumped!!

Oh yes, I’m using past tense.

We were pumped. We were paddling our brains out up that river and having fun! Then we kept going. And going. And going. Pretty soon we were 2 hours away and wondering where the heck these springs were? We asked another couple that was out canoeing but they seemed irritated by us so we just gave up asking. Eventually a boat came by and told us we were in the complete wrong direction! Yowza!!! Morale was low, friends.

Jurassic Park similarities?! We were on the alert.

We did not pack or prepare for a journey like that. We had a few bottles of water, some carrot cake I had made and brought the boys each one piece of, and Sean had brought some pork. It was hot. The sun was scorching in the way only a southern sun can, and we had 2+ hours to go to get back to land.

My sweaty, pouty face when I realized we were 2 hours in the wrong direction.

And little gator sounds were everywhere. Eep!! That’s the thing about Florida, our fresh water areas are pretty much guaranteed to have gators in them. Granted, the actual attacks aren’t often but still, it makes you think before you go gallivanting around in a swimmin hole.

Eventually we got to the point where we were seeing more people with canoes and kayaks and were relieved, everything looked very different on the way back.

The Springs!

I cannot even begin to say how exhausting that trip was. We pulled through though, with minimum complaint! We drove about 1 and a 1/2 minutes up the road and went to the springs, jumped in the amazingly fresh and cool water, then hopped out and decided to eat at golden corral. Where I stuffed myself with potatoes, chicken, and corn bread.

Kevin was freezing!

It was a really fun adventure, despite the sunburn! I’ve been wanting to go canoeing for years and really hope we plan another trip where we actually go the right direction and follow the original plan because it’s a fun way to work out your shoulders/arms.  Another plan is to go to the ice skating rink! Hooray, fun!

Check that sweet and weird patterned sunburn!

So I think I’m going to make it a goal of mine to get on my bike trainer every day. Right now I get on it every couple of days but perhaps if I got on it every day I wouldn’t feel like I’m so stagnant in my “getting healthy” routine. Any suggestions for no impact exercise?


Chicken Pot Pie (Attempt #1)

A few entries ago I was gushing about my love for Nigella Lawson and how I wanted to make her chocolate cake. I spent way too much time hopping through youtube watching her make things until I came across a video of her making a chicken pot pie. She made it in about 15 minutes! Oh, this solved my problem. I have been dying for a simple pot pie recipe because, friends, pot pie and I….we have a love. A love that is thick like gravy.

Needless to say I was thrilled! I immediately started making sure we had everything I would need to prepare this masterpiece.

Above is the video I watched of Nigella, the recipe on the food network site is a little different but essentially the same.

I altered the recipe a bit with what I put in (mushrooms are gross!) and because I had to triple it to make enough for my parents and I. My alterations are in bold!

  • 3 rashers streaky bacon, cut or scissored into 1-inch strips (5 strips)
  • 1 teaspoon garlic infused oil (I just used olive oil and later added garlic powder)
  • 2 cups chestnut mushrooms, sliced into 1/4-inch pieces (I used carrots and broccoli)
  • 8 ounces chicken thigh fillets cut into 1-inch pieces (3 chicken breasts)

From here I just tripled the ingredients.

  • 2 1/2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
  • 1/2 teaspoon dried thyme
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 1/4 cups hot chicken stock
  • 1 tablespoon Marsala (didn’t use)
  • 1 (13-ounce) 9 by 16-inch sheet all-butter ready-rolled puff pastry (I used regular since, then added butter)

Now, I’m not going to lie. My attempt was only okay, but my goal is to take y’all through with me on my good and bad ventures of cooking here. I know how frustrating it can be when you follow directions to a T and you end up with a result that is not what you thought it would be.

Time to begin!

Preheat the oven to 425, put your pot (or pan, I used a pot given the size of mine) on the heat, add your oil. Once your oil is heated add in your bacon.

Take your chicken and add it into a ziploc bag. Add your seasonings along with all of your flour and shake shake shake it up! I added some pepper and onion powder at this point, along with thyme.

Since I’m new…bear with me! I forgot to take pictures of a few steps 😉

Add your butter into the pan and make sure it melts completely.

Then dump the contents of your chicken/flour bag into the pot, including all the flour left in there! That is helping to make the “gravy” part of the pot pie thicker. (Also called a roux)

Add in your vegetables!  I had a rude awakening at this point. I was going to add a bag of frozen peas and carrots but my Papa had neglected to buy them! So I had to scramble and find some veggies. Carrots and broccoli were there to save the day!

While your chicken is starting to cook and get some color put your chicken stock into a pot and get it hot. Once your chicken has some color add in your stock. Stir!

At this point, because of the roux you have going you should have a creamy thing going on in your pot.

I added some more flour to get it a little creamier (although it ended up still needing more thickening.) I also added some more spices. Onion powder, garlic powder, some herbs. Except…I accidentally took the whole cap off of the onion powder and dumped about half the bottle in, HAH!! Lucky for me I had a ladle on hand and it didn’t get absorbed super fast.

Continue… 😉 Let this simmer for about 5-10 minutes. Remove it from the heat then ladle it into your dish of choice.

Now, take your pastry dough and unroll it. Cut strips that are thin to cover the outside of your bowls or dish. Dip your finger in some water and slide it along the areas where you are going to put your dough. This helps it to stick.

After you’ve done this, take the remaining sheet you have and lay it over the top, pinching the edges to make sure it stays in place. I had to use 2 different sheets for mine, to make sure it was covered. You’ll see the line on my pie 😉

Into ze oven!

Now, it was at this point that I forgot I was going to add butter to the top of it to make it all deliciously golden and to add some flavor. Standard puff pastry dough is rather boring. So I scrambled and slathered it with some butter after it had been in the oven for 10 minutes :X

Cook for about 20 minutes, or until your pastry looks full and risen. It burns easily so watch out 🙂

Voila! Pot Pie!

Scoop out large delicious portions and proceed to gobble up.

Now. For my feeback. I’ll do this in a list.

  1. Puff pastry is a pain in the ass to cut through so I recommend individual portions/bowls. Then you are able to just mush it into your own bowl. 😉
  2. Make sure your bacon is crispy before continuing with the steps. It seems like common sense but I assumed it would cook more as it was on the heat. It stayed pretty pink and never got crispy so I ended up with these bacon chunks I was too scared to eat.
  3. Add some friggin onion. That would have made this dish so so so much better. In every other recipe I see there is onion added and this one did not have it.
  4. Next time I would consider cooking the chicken in a separate pan and then adding it into my pot. It absorbed almost all the seasonings that I put into it and therefore my pie came out so bland. Adding salt when it was plated fixed it pretty well but still. I sucks to have to see people add seasonings to your food!
  5. It should have been creamier. Goopy, even! This was still pretty soupy. It wasn’t oozing around on my plate like I would have liked it to, so I probably would have added a bit more flour or even some corn starch. Xanthan gum is supposed to work as well but I’ve never attempted it.

Overall it wasn’t a bad experience as it was my first one ever making a pot pie. I can’t hit every nail on the head when I make something for the first time unless it’s cornbread or pulled pork. 😉

I’d give it 2.5/5 stars. I’m halfway there! I just don’t expect to get all the way there til it’s a wee bit colder and a pot pie is a welcome thing to eat 🙂

Oh, life.

So, I’m finally carving a big, fat, completely paved, all signs go in this direction path in my life. It’s lovely, amazing, refreshing, revitalizing, and wonderful.

For months upon months I have been trying to figure out the best way to go about doing what I want to do and it has never been quite solid for me because I did not like the options that I had available, nor did I think they were doors that would be open to me. In January of this year I met a wonderful girl named Sara, who smacked me right in the face with the perfect career that she had chosen as her own, as her current major. I was instantly intrigued and could not believe that for so long it didn’t even pop into my brain as an idea! She is such a great and interesting person, with interests so similar to mine it makes me wonder how we don’t spend more time together, that I looked up what she had told me on our coffee date as soon as I got home. Library science. Perfection is what it should have been called.

How fitting it is, for the girl with piles of books everywhere around her room and stashes of them in the attic. The one who used to sneak reading in during bed time when she was little by a night light next to the mattress (only to be found the next morning by her mother asleep in a nook against the wall, face smashed into a book), reader of encyclopedias when running out of things to read, to be a librarian.

So! I have been thinking over this since January. About the one and only time I visited the National Archives in D.C. and many of the libraries there and how I had an INSANE spaz attack at being inches away from the Declaration of Independence. (Pictured below 😉 ) How I would love to work with those things every day of my life.

My hair is short. I had a fashiony mohawk at one time.

And I thought. And thought. And thought. Until this past week when I was thinking of grad school and how I want to be there by the time I’m 25, which gives me 2 years to finish up my business here and get my bachelors done. I was excited! I’m so thrilled to be reaching a halfway point that I began to search. I searched for the best graduate schools and their rankings, looking for ones surrounded by museums. I purposely skewed my own search results to make myself end up in Washington, D.C. so that I could be close to plenty of them. I knew I was skewing them.

I declared a school in D.C. my goal and was proud! But I knew I had skewed it. I looked at their graduate rankings for Information and Library Science and they were nowhere near what my other front runner had to offer. They had museums. This other location has a big fat library with an amazing archives section. It stole my heart away when I looked with fresh eyes.

I didn’t want to leave the south, I’m too in love with it. This school is there. My parents own property across the state. This school is there. It’s been #1 for 8 years in that major. This school is IT! Say hello to my big, fat, new obsession:

IN LOVE, with this place. I am head over freaking heels in love with Chapel Hill, NC. The school, the town, the scenery, the fact that wisteria grows along the streets in the spring, every bit of it.

So my plan now? Work my ass off and make sure I study my ass off for the GRE exam and get my ass into that grad school. I am consumed with the desire to get into this school, it is the only thing I am thinking about and every action I take will get me there.

No coincidences! I firmly believe I was meant to meet Sara and she was meant to steer me towards this goal and I will be grateful for it til the day I die. Hooray!

It feels so great to type that. It feels so great to have a goal!! It’s completely changed my views of what I’m doing. In light of that, I have started working out with the lovely Sean! Sean is someone who practices crossfit, an awesome workout that utilizes and maximizes what the human body was meant to do. It works out your full body every time you do it and you do actions that you use in every day life. That makes it sooo much more appealing!

What makes it unappealing: the fact that I am in utter AGONY today and can barely stand because my muscles lock up. It’s the price I pay for a sexy butt, HAH! It was fun though, I’m very excited. Sean is a great trainer. When my legs physically would not let me continue doing squats (I seriously could not lift myself up, the front of my thighs had turned into jelly) he altered it to have me do sit ups, which I gave everything I could. I was really worried he’d think I was faking to get out of doing squats so I’m glad he gave me an alternate to prove to him I was serious.

I definitely recommend crossfit workouts  😀

Oh yeah, I totally got sick while we were doing it. Soooo not fun. That means it’s working though! YEAH!

Another plus (almost) is that I might be getting my very own dog! I’m so excited! As part of my no coincidences philosophy of life, when my mom called about a week ago and told me my dad might be bringing another dog home, I was baffled since we have so many pets. Then she told me it was a german shepherd. I have been telling her I want one of those for years and years and that when I move out I want to have one. Since I’ll most likely be living alone I want to feel safe and to me a dog would add to that feeling. I couldn’t believe it! Someone my dad knows has a customer who is too old to take care of a big dog and doesn’t feel she gives the dog what it needs and she loves that we live on 16 acres and love animals.

The plan as of right now is to have me go visit and spend time with her and build up a relationship with her so that I can bring her home and be “in control” of her and be her master when we introduce her to our other pups. I’m getting all this from Cesar Milan, people. She is A-DORABLE. I’m in love. Two loves in one week, I may just die.

Isn’t she so cute!!? Her name is Bella. Awww. I think she’ll fit right in when I move to NC 😉 And I am promptly watching 2 seasons and 1 special of the dog whisperer to make sure she comes into the house without much trouble!

I plan to post my pot pie attempt tomorrow and my tips on how to make it so yours doesn’t suck like mine did. Also my tips on how to make chocolate croissants even better. 🙂

Other recipes to come soon:

  • Home made carrot cake a la Peas and Thank You (mine wont be vegan though)
  • Zucchini fritters a la Runners World (even though I made cakes before)
  • Healthy open face turkey sandwich
  • Bruschetta a la Julie and Julia 😉
  • Granola bars from a yet to be determined location!

If you have anything you’d like me to make, let me know! I’m willing to try anything. So if you have a recipe you’re too scared to make, tell me! I’ll post it here and tell you my results, good or bad 😀

Obligatory cat shot. Lou is on the hunt!

Awful Blogger 101 and Croque Monsieur

I’m terrible at this. Maybe because I just started it? It’s been 10 days since I last updated and I’ll tell you what I’ve been doing almost the entire time.



Yes. Bones. I am utterly and shamelessly addicted to David Boreanaz and his delicious banter about crime scenes. Addicted. I cannot stop watching it. Thankfully I’m almost finished with the 5th season otherwise I would literally get nothing done.

In between, of course, I have been cooking things! I’ve made about a handful of tasty treats that I want to post all in this one entry but I figure that would be an overload so I’ll just pick one….maybe two…but I should save some for entries later on so I keep updating regularly, right? 😉

My birthday dinner was also absolutely wonderful! P.F. Changs is my favorite place to eat on my birthday! We loaded up on everything and even got two desserts 😉

PF Changs!

PF Great Wall of Chocolate

The other dessert was cheesecake. Yum!

As for non food things, remember that digital photography class I was oh-so-excited to take? Well, in living my life by the “there are no coincidences” theory, I dropped the class.

Reason being?

  1. I ordered the wrong book.
  2. The book would not arrive til after the first class and the teacher was adamant we have it the first day.
  3. The tab I needed to access online to see where/when my class was, was down the night before.
  4. The tab continued to be down til right after the class would have ended.

Now, I had a rough estimate of the time I should have been there but I didn’t know the location of the classroom and I did not necessarily want to go down to school and spend hours in line at 8 in the morning. So, I dropped it. I’m glad to have done so. While the people around me tell me I take nice photographs, I don’t think I could handle being graded on them. I’m only artistically minded to a certain extent, then I lose the grasp of art.

Aside from those things, I had a fun time exercising with my friend Rick as the first of one of our muscle toning work outs. We did that P90X thing, and WOW! It is difficult. Talk about wanting to kill yourself. The only one we have done so far was arms/shoulders and it was sooo many push ups. My arms were killin me all weekend! Very fun though. Sadly, I have been slacking on my bike riding endeavors. Woops! Although my excuse for that is that my best friend Sara was in town all weekend and we were literally out from morning til night.  Has my healthy eating got out the window?

so country.

Just a smidge. I ate alright, I guess. There are not any healthy fast food options on sundays, I’m convinced of it. It’s frustrating! I’d love to have non-mexican food options to eat that are healthy. We did discover how much of a light weight I am while watching the Magic game on sunday and I had 3 beers. I was extremely tipsy! I used to be a champ, but I suppose not drinking for a long time will do that to ya. 😉

One of the things we did do though, was watch It’s Complicated. Which is where I got the recipe for Croque Monsieur. Well, the idea for it then I looked up the recipe and tweaked it a bit.

What you do is make a sandwich with ham (I used smoked turkey) and cheese. The order is the strange part. 😉

You’ll need:

  • 2-4 slices of bread depending on your number of sandwiches.
  • 2-3 slices of meat per sandwich
  • shredded cheese or sliced cheese to generously cover one slice of bread.
  • butter!
  • eggs (optional)

Preheat your oven on broil to 300 degrees. Take your bread and use 2-3 slices of deli meat and place it in between the slices you’ve cut. I used french bread, too, since it gets crispier than whole wheat slices and, lets face it, is more photogenic.

Bread Slices

Pre Cooked!

After you’ve done that, butter the outsides of the bread generously and place in a medium-low frying pan.

Frying Sammies!

Brown, then flip over to brown the other side. I had to use my fingers to make sure it didn’t fall apart as I flipped with a spatula, but it worked nicely. Much easier than flipping eggs if you ask me. 🙂

Browned Sammies!

Once the oven is preheated and your sandwiches are browned on each side, remove from heat and place your cheese on top. Then place either on a baking sheet or on the rack of the oven.

Make sure to keep your oven door cracked so that your cheese doesn’t sweat.

Once the cheese begins to brown, remove and place on plate.

Make sure Lou enjoys herself while rolling on the floor.

If you’re like me and wanted to make sure it was a filling meal, I added eggs to the top to create Croque Madam. I’d definitely love to make them poached eggs but I have not yet attacked that beast!

My opinion? I enjoyed it. However, I’d definitely use a stronger meat next time. The turkey was way too bland for the sandwich but I don’t eat ham so it was my only substitute. Bacon and turkey would probably be my next combo.
Either that or next time I’m just going to make the bread with cheese and cover it in tomatoes 😉 Yum!

Heart of Gold

Are there any recipes you would like me to try? I’d love anyone to give me some ideas, I’m running out of things to make! I’m in a rut.

Mechanically minded? Pffft!

So yesterday I got that bike trainer I’ve been rambling about for a few entries. I could not put that thing together for the life of me! At one point I gave up and plopped on my bed and piled blankets on myself (complete with cat on top). She was frustrated, too! What with me disturbing her slumbery ways of blobbing about my room and flinging cardboard everywhere. I am not mechanically minded. As much as I would love to be, I fail to comprehend that aspect of anything. Stick me with every other thing in the world and I’m golden.


Woohoo! Also don't mind the mess...or the fact that a 23 year old has that poster on the wall.

Needless to say my lovely parents helped me and I now have a wonderful bike trainer 😀 at the foot of my bed. kind of obscuring the rest of my room so I may move it…but I have one!! Very exciting! 🙂

I haven’t used it yet. It scares TJ.

Yesterday was spent hanging out with Sean!


His mouth was full and I caught him mid chew. Woops!

And pining over the always delicious and delectable Robert Downey Jr. *queue swoon*

Oh, what that man does to me. I could just die. That and I’m a total comic nerd, particularly for The Ultimates in which Tony Stark plays a major role and RDJ fits the bill completely.

Last night I also prepped the makings for my famous pulled pork that my papa has been begging me to make. Which consists of pork shoulder (half a picnic) or boston butt shoved into a slow cooker and an entire 2 liter of mug root beer poured over it. Set to low. Cook for a day. In about 2 hours the next portion will come where I have to shred it with forks and plop it back into the drained cooker until dinner time along with a bottle of BBQ sauce. But shhhh! I can’t tell him how easy it is 😉

Next on my list of treats to remake is Nigella Lawson’s Traditional Chocolate Cake. Mmm! She’s the cutest person alive, I must say. I could watch her cook for days. Or move in with her and have her make me huge and fat, I don’t care! Once I get everything I need together for that one, expect a luscious chocolate cake to appear on this here blog. 🙂

Oh yeah, my mom got her chickens this morning. We’re so country.

I didn't hold them. I was scared they would poop on me.

It’s true. The box they came out of, blech! Poop everywhere. Not very nice. I think it was worse holding that box than it is when I have to clean the litter boxes for my cats. No thank you! Speaking of cats, I am having quite the flea issue with my little ones. My cats are indoor and the other cats in the house are outdoor, but somehow my cats are the ones that are winding up with fleas? It’s driving me mad! I’ve cleaned everything and combed them mercilessly while waiting for the treatment to get here and I am not making a dent. Any tips?? I am literally willing to to try anything!

I have also been pondering lately about what I should be doing with my future. I love history in every form it takes. I’d love nothing more than to have a job where I dealt with history all day but I must be realistic. In fact, typing that makes me want to stop what I’m writing because it’s unfair of me to make myself do something I don’t want. I want my profession to involve history. I want to be a teacher of it, I want to work in a museum and become an authority of it. I’ve altered the path many times and I always come back to History. So… never mind what I was going to say here instead, darlings. 😉

I promised all of you more recipes and I will be sure to actually start documenting the things I cook!

A Bugs Life


I have a wonderful garden full of vegetables (and an astronomical amount of blueberries!) that will be ripe for the picking soon enough and I shall attempt delicious treats with them all. And probably fail a few times. But hey, that’s what makes cooking fun, right? 😉

Blueberry Plants

Blueberries for miles!

I still have to perfect a blueberry pancake recipe. Pancakes and I do not get along.

Brownie success! Parsnip Fail :(

So today was a big fat success in the realm of eating healthy! Yesterday I did alright except for a snickers bar I discovered in the fridge and promptly ate without being hungry.

Normally when this happens I think “I shouldn’t be eating this!” and proceed to feel guilt afterwards. This time I didn’t! I think I knew it was my last hurrah with unhealthy food and enjoyed it.

I started today the healthiest way possible. Checking my iPhone. HAH! Seriously, I did. Laying in bed without my glasses on my face I scrolled through the updates of twitter and facebook, loaded my e-mail and then got up. I decided to make a tasty green shake ala Oh She Glows today 🙂

Green Monster

Yummm! I’ve turned so many people onto drinking these things, I love them. Mine are usually a banana, a raw egg (for staying power), 2 handfuls of spinach, and milk ’til it’s the consistency I like. It takes a few times making it to figure out just the right amount of things that you like. It tastes just like bananas! It’s such a great way to get veggies in in the morning and it keeps you energized all day. Plus it’s great for your skin!

chug chug chug!

Tasty stuff! So in keeping with lazy week I did not do anything productive today. Okay, I sort of did. In a very small way. That probably isn’t really productivity but me having a craving for chocolate but never the less… 😉 I did do more than sit around! I decided today to attempt making black bean brownies!

I tweaked the recipe a tad and added baking powder to give them some cakeyness (totally a word! ;)) and a 1/4 tsp more of vanilla. I had to make sure it hid that black bean flavor, I am sooo not a bean girl. I cannot stand hummus because it tastes to me like refried beans and all other beans I have never given a shot. So I figured in my first flirt with the new species of food, I’d hide them.

And I hid them well.


The texture is definitely different from regular flour and butter brownies and I think if you make the decision to exclude the instant coffee, they’d be a lot more passable as regular thick brownies. The instant coffee added a little bitterness to them but I’m not sure if leaving them out would leave the bean flavor. Over all, though, they are a success! They’re almost velvet meets fudge.


I definitely enjoyed them! I’ll make them again for sure, they’re a fun and tasty alternative for me and I have a big fat huge mouth full of sweet teeth.

Dinner, on the other hand. I had seen parsnip fries on the Oh She Glows blog a week or two ago and really wanted to try them. So much so that I insisted that my Mama bring home parsnips so that I could make healthy “fries” to go with our (healthy, I know) burgers. I sliced them up (after almost smashing our mandolin! stupid machine. It has chopped off a finger tip and still refuses to work right!) and slathered them as directed, baked them, and took em out. The thinner failed mandolin “french fry” cuts were burned. The nut butter mix wasn’t crusted on like the pictures showed. They tasted a little dry because of the butters and I’m assuming because they weren’t cooked all the way, since they weren’t that crunchy.

I might try making them again but I am slightly disheartened. Hopefully my next foray into root veggies is a success! For parsnips next I’m making smashed parsnips (Ala Mrs. Weasley in Harry Potter, thank you for the idea). That’ll be later this weekend probably. Tomorrow I might try my hand at zucchini cakes! mmm! I’ll definitely bring y’all along for that one. I have high hopes!

The rest of my “lazy day” was spent eating a tomato sandwich. Again. Whilst reading Harry Potter! I finish book 6 tonight and will glide my way right through book 7 as I’m eager to start my summer series of Amelia Peabody books. If you love humor and mystery, such as Sherlock Holmes, you’ll definitely love her. She’s a strong and fiercely independent woman with a husband who loves not being able to control her wily ways, it is glorious!

I also spent it checking’s track package feature to see where my trainer is. Damn you, Jacksonville!!

trainer trackingLets pray I get it tomorrow! 😉

My lazy week is quickly coming to an end. I can only hope my school books are available for order soon. And with that, my darlings, I leave you with my girl Ginny. 🙂

Gin Bin!

Lazy week commences.

I was planning on trying to be productive this week but the only thing I can think to do is homework for my medical coding school. I don’t really want to do homework since I’ll have a semester beginning on Monday. I have decided that this week is lazy week! Not a big deal for me, I’m generally at a loss for things to do with having no job and online school most of the time. Maybe I should organize my room and document that process 😉

Alabama was fun! I loved seeing my cousin and her daughter. I’m glad she found a great guy to get married to, she’s been through a lot in her life. It’s definitely a cute place, I wouldn’t mind living in the little town called Fairhope. It was a picture perfect small town with a plethora of pecan trees everywhere. I couldn’t believe the amount of pecan trees that they had! Spring was blossoming everywhere, it was gorgeous. I need to get better about taking photos. I went from not caring at all about taking them and I’d do it any time anywhere and now I feel strange taking them sometimes. It’s a weird feeling…I hope my class this summer gets rid of that. I didn’t get nearly enough pictures of Alabama, I really wanted to take some of the pecan groves but it’s kind of hard when they’re on the side of a busy road. Or in someone’s yard…

Nikki & Jimmy

It definitely makes me want to live in a place with more personality than Orlando. The towns we were in and around while in Alabama had so many stores that weren’t chains! It was so beyond my understanding to see non chains for regular grocery stores, drug stores, food, everything. We have non chain restaurants in Orlando but other than that it’s pretty set in its ways, which is kind of underwhelming. I do love Disney though. Good lord, do I love Disney. If I could go every day I would. However…I would love to live in a place that just oozes history from everywhere you look. Charleston or Savannah…I’d die happy living there! There are some talks of moving to Nashville with my best friend but those are just talks, as always. We’ll see where life leads.

Operation eating healthy is victorious today (so far)! I haven’t eaten anything awful, though I’m tempted to munch on things which I’m still trying to find if it’s boredom or hunger since I am starting to get a headache. I’ve determined no fried foods for an entire month. The whole month of may (excluding my birthday!) shall be clean eating with nothing deep fried. Blech! I ate enough deep fried treats this weekend in Alabama to satisfy a lifetime! I’m also doing an experiment I’ve seen on many healthy eating blogs of eating veggies as the main meal course instead of meat. Not that i don’t like meat, because I’m a carnivore through my every being but I know I need more vegetables.

Also, I mentioned it in another entry but I ordered my bike trainer last night!!! 🙂

CycleOps Trainer

Isn’t it just delicious!?! I’ll take pictures of the set up. After the room clean! Hah! If you could only see my desk right now. I’ll probably tidy it up a bit before I take pictures 😉 You have no idea how excited I am about having an exercise avenue again. I’ve been out of physical therapy and bored out of my mind, tried running and failed miserably because my foot can’t take the impact, can’t do my 30-day-shred because there’s too much impact on my foot in there and I’m stuck doing air punches for wayyyy too long and my arms end up dying. It’ll be awesome, I can’t wait!

I’ve been thinking about doing accounting as a minor…I don’t know if this is wise. I flirted with the idea of being a journalist but keeping up with politics and the news on my own is exhausting enough, I can’t imagine living that life.  I’ll defend my beliefs to the death but I don’t think I could write about it day after day so kudos to all the journalists of the world! 😉

List for the day:

  • No fried foods for a month!
  • Take in less sugar (cut back on the sweet tea!?! oh what an awful idea..)
  • Get my room cleaned up 😉
  • Eat healthy!